At True North Church, we believe we are a church for our home, our backyard, and our beyond. We desire to effectively extend our influence beyond the doors of our church. Below is a list of missionaries and ministries we consistently support in Fairbanks, in Alaska, and globally through prayer and finances. If you would like to support any of these missionaries, you can contribute on our online giving page.

Our Home: (Fairbanks and Interior Alaska)
  • Pack the Pantry (Denali Elementary)
  • Fairbanks Rescue Mission
  • CareNet Pregnancy
  • Love INC
  • Mark & Jo Hibma
  • Kevin and Lindsay Welch
  • Colin and Page Harris
Our Backyard (Alaska)
  • Odis & Debra Ganey
  • Terry & Danean Hull
  • Jeremiah & Sharnay Niemuth
  • Bob & Joyce Stephens
  • Bonnie Carriker, KJNP
Our Beyond: (US and Global)
  • Mary Ballenger
  • Judith Ballweber
  • Chris & Lindsey Carter
  • William & Marie Hennessy
  • Weldyn & Barb Houger
  • Randy Linda Lindsey
  • Joni Middleton
  • Jeff & Janelle Nelson
  • Fred & Marge Seaward
  • Brad & Roberta Shimomura
  • Ron & Wanda Sommers
  • Darrel & Diane Wood
  • Henry & Yong Reiber
  • Ron & Laqueta Brown
  • Joseph & Jane Filancia
2018 True North Missions Trips
Fill out this form if you would like more information or would like to participate in any of the following trips.

NUIQSUT (Construction) - April 2 - 8

  • Purpose of trip: Renovation of church facility.
  • Activity: Finishing the renovation of the Assembly of God church building and holding evening services.
  • Skills needed: Carpentry, cabinetry, plumbing, drywall and painting.
  • Cost: $1050*

HAITI – May 14 - 23 

  • Purpose: Medical missions
  • Activity: We will teaching medical classes and conducting medical clinics, as well as hosting evangelistic services.
  • Skills needed: Medical skills, ability to minister to groups of children, and food preparation.
  • Cost: $2500

NUIQSUT (VBS) - June 11 - 16

  • Purpose of trip: Conduct a VBS and basketball camp
  • Activity: Daily interaction with children and teens – evening services
  • Skills needed: Good with kids, baskeball skills helpful.
  • Cost: $1050*

FORT YUKON – July 22 - 28

  • Purpose of trip: Construction.
  • Activity: We will be assisting in the construction of a new church building to replace the old one. 
  • Skills needed: Carpentry, plumbing, and electrical skills.
  • Cost: $430

JAPAN – August 1 - 11

  • Overview:  Traveling to Tsukuba Japan to help lead a VBS-style, English day camp for local children. Arrive early for training and set up. Included in your trip is a day visit to Tokyo with sight-seeing and shopping.
  • Cost: $2200*

HAITI – August 24 - September 3

  • Purpose of trip: Conduct a teacher’s conference.
  • Activity: Train school teachers in new teaching skills, conduct services in local churches.
  • Skills needed: Education background, ability to work through interpreters, arts and crafts suitable for children.
  • Cost: $ 2500
*Some costs and dates may change slightly due to airfare and flight availability.